Homenaje a Michele Henderson y los Midnight Groovers


Dominica’s Goodwill Ambassador Michele Henderson and the pioneers of Cadence music, the Midnight Groovers have been honored for their contribution to the promotion of Francophonie music, as part of Francophonie Month activities.
Michele Henderson Delsol of Grand Bay, who has recorded six solo albums, received an award for best recording artiste and best female artist in 2014.
The Midnight Groovers Band, also of Grand Bay, which has been producing music for 46 years and has 40 albums, was awarded for their promotion of Francophonie music.
They were awarded on Friday 20 March at the Fort Young Hotel at the Francophone Awards ceremony.
“I had a passion for the language since I was a child, I would vacation in Guadeloupe and had friends that didn’t speak any English,” Michele Henderson told Dominica Vibes.
She noted the contribution of her teachers at the Dominica Grammar School for contributing to her learning and love for the language.
“For me it’s a rewarding feeling to look at my teachers now and how they succeeded in passing that information unto me, so I feel very proud for myself and for them. For me it’s a validation of my work from childhood to now,” Mrs Henderson added.
She has encouraged young artistes to get involve in French music since there is a huge market for it in the neighboring islands.
“We have a million people north and south of our borders; Guadeloupe and Martinique’s population is very interested and keen on creole and French music, they really love it”.“They are making an effort to pay for it as well, so there is quite a market and I don’t think we are making enough use of that market,” she continued.
Dominica joined fifty-seven other countries in celebrating International Francophone Day on Friday, 20 March 2015.

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