Tobago muestra su potencia


It was Tobago’s turn and the spotlight was on them. Music lovers from around the world had flocked to the sister isle for the annual jazz fest and the island was abuzz with people. Heat, music and excitement as the sun blazed down on tanned, sun-drenched bodies, hot sand and splashing waves.

There was the absolute awe of the first-time visitor to the sister isle who could not believe such beauty existed in this part of the world. Those who were tasting a delicious Tobago fish, callaloo and dumpling for the first time, encountering the welcome smile of the Tobago fishermen or the bartering of the Tobago vendor as they loaded their basket with the island’s fruits and vegetables knew that this was something different.
The absolute amazement with this down home island fare and the realisation that we were just as sophisticated and worldly when it came to our take on international fashion and could so easily mix it up was for many, icing on the cake.
And Tobago did not disappoint all of those who came out to worship at the feet of our creative geniuses on April 22.
Express Woman was invited to Levé organised by Dr Auliana Poon and designer Claudia Pegus with art input from Brian Mac Farlane.
Villa Being Villa, owned by Poon and located in historical Arnos Vale, was the setting for Levé which was not just an event but a mindblowing experience.
An explosion of culture, gourmet food and fashion in a luxurious high end setting.
And from the word GO… it was a sea of frenzied activity, traditional wear from the Les Coteaux performers moving to the rhythmic drums enticing the audience to move with them as they danced in celebration appealing to a deeper rhythm emanating from the soul.
Beautiful models, primped and coiffed, skilffully made up faces. A sea of bright colours from yellow to green to blue twirling and spinning as they mount the runway to sashay. Confident and majestic… pure style as they strut their stuff in your face and their stance says “Look at Me! Focus on Me!” The audience is enthralled with it all as Levé makes its statement with full effect.
Tobago is showing off.
Enjoy and remember be kind to each other.

Publicado en Trinidad Express