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Trinidad y Tobago

Monarcas del Calypso

El Soca es un género nacido en Trinidad y Tobago a partir del Calypso y es muy popular en las Antillas. Durante el Carnaval se realiza la gran competencia anual.

El arte como terapia en Trinidad y Tobago

Arlene Williams and her son, Jon share a special bond. Apart from being mother and son these two are best friends. Whether sharing a laugh; going to the movies or learning to paint, Williams and Jon seem more like classmates than parent…

Medea en Trinidad y Tobago

For a second time T&T’s creative spaces will experience a “Bajan Invasion”. In the ’90s, Trinbagonian ­airwaves were taken over by Barbadian soca artistes, and now T&T theatre will be invaded by actors Sonia Williams and Levi King.…

Los 81 años musicales del trinitense Lord Creator

While friends, family members and people in the music fraternity were mourning the passing of saxophonist George Headley Francis Bennett (his name as I saw on his passport) on August 21, another set was celebrating the 81st birthday of…

Tobago muestra su potencia

It was Tobago’s turn and the spotlight was on them. Music lovers from around the world had flocked to the sister isle for the annual jazz fest and the island was abuzz with people. Heat, music and excitement as the sun blazed down on…

Con raíces africanas

El Carnaval es una gran fiesta popular en Trinidad y Tobago con raíces en antiguos bailes en el valle del Nilo pero atravesado por nuevos personajes y ritmos que incorporan los más jóvenes